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Eureka King empowers businesses to capture more value from their online traffic by delivering personalized experiences to each online customer.

  • Create user journeys with intelligent prompts
  • Analyze and optimize visitor experience based on detailed response and global data
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Eureka King is trusted by iconic media corporations such as Associated Press, KQED and PBS MediaShift.

Jim Gerberich, Director, Internet Platforms & Business Operations, The Associated Press
“Eureka King helps AP with several of our properties, to get a deeper understanding of our user interests and intent. It has never been easier to communicate and engage our users.”




Mark Glaser MediaShift
“Eureka King has helped MediaShift increase signups for our newsletters by 10x, and helped us intelligently engage and monetize our audience base.”

How it works

Features & Benefits

Eureka King Analytics Gain a better understanding of your users

Eureka King Analytics dashboard
  • 360° User Profiles Multi-dimensional user profiles enriched with interest and engagement data equip you with the information required to build lasting, authentic relationships.
  • Segment & Drill-Down Everything Create and save advanced segments on-the-fly using our easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • 30-Second Setup Installing Eureka King on your website is as simple as adding one line of code to your website. That's it!

Sequential Prompts Continuously convert your users in an intelligent way

Eureka King Just In Time Prompts
  • User Journey Nurture your users through a conversion funnel that follows a temporal sequence with each user to intelligently promote offerings, boost signups, and drive sales.
  • Bespoke Visuals Collaborate with Eureka King’s world-class designers and programmers to craft custom native visuals for web and mobile engagement prompts.
  • Automatic Prompt Delivery Optimization Our intelligent cognitive computing platform will ensure that your prompts are delivered at the best time possible for your users and personalize their unique experience across devices.

Power & Flexibility Empower your insights and influence to reach higher goals

Power & Flexibility
  • 3rd Party Integrations Eureka King can connect several prompt applications together to create a meaningful, fast and lightweight interaction between you and your visitors. For example, you can ask for email first and then use your social engagement app to get retweets and likes following by integration with your e-commerce platform.
  • Custom Analytics Development Our analytics platform has been tested with the world's best data scientists. It is simple yet powerful. Extend its capabilities even further with integrations for your own data points or request custom metrics to be added to your account.

About Us

Our office: 280 Tocoloma, San Francisco, CA

Cognitive computing systems and automated insights power Eureka King. But the key reason our customers enjoy working with us is because of who we are and our personal assistance in helping them reach their businesses goals.

We are a team of passionate machine learning experts, conversion gurus, and designers, obsessed with making the Internet more useful, engaging and interactive. Our mission is to help businesses create better experiences for their audience.

Accelerated by Matter Ventures and Plug and Play Startup Camp.